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Ride with Ease and Elegance


  • Peggy Cummings represents a new breed of trainer, teacher and equine educator, combining a background of classical horsemanship with her extensive knowledge of TT.E.A.M.  training.  Combined with Peggy's positive and supportive attitude, this unique blend of teaching techniques gives her the tools so important to develop the health, well-being and success of both rider and horse.

  • I am having a blast teaching and riding. Every day gives new opportunities to learn and experiment. Thank you very much!

    Also,I think the most powerful thing for my own personal teaching has been asking the right questions and teaching my clients how to ask the correct questions. We are truly able to focus on what we want more of, instead of what is going wrong. Unbelievably powerful.

  • Just looked at the website to find out what Peggy is up to these days. She did a great job with my pinto quarter horse when she was in Oxford. He was a brat and she took that out of him!  Please tell her hi, my pinto lived to 32, was a real friend, and I competed him in Combined Driving Events for several years. But Peggy’s work with him really got me on the right track working with him. She may not remember me, but I remember her!!

  • I love it when I go away from one of Peggy's wonderful clinics with so many things to take home. This time it was, "Avoid the temptation to use your pelvis to move the legs." She explained that it is the thigh bones that move backward and thus move the pelvis a tiny bit, not the pelvis moving the thigh bone!

    Thanks, Peggy for an awesome clinic and those wonderful AH-HAA moments!

  • Almost daily, I ride my bicycle 27 miles round trip to be with my horses. After attending Peggy's Oct clinic I decided to apply some of her horsemanship principles to riding a bicycle. What happened blew me away.

    First, I started breathing into my lower back and allowed it relax. Pedaling became an unusual technique, I pretended to be pulling my feet from a boot on the upward cycle and merely relaxed my legs on the down cycle. I played with my center of gravity to find a dynamic that took weight off of my arms and hands, keeping my wrists soft but straight. Then I pretended with my upper body that I was walking through water. This gently opened and raised my chest and lowered my shoulders.

    Then something amazing happened. My spine, on its own, telescoped! My neck and back released and went forward and up. It was an incredibly euphoric experience, it felt wonderful. So, I thought, is this what a horse feels when the spine is free?

    There were other benefits. My legs were very free and I could go faster with less effort. When I arrived at my horses' pasture my neck, shoulders and back were relaxed which is not that typical as a bicycle rider.

    Importantly, I was in a good place to interact with my horses. They noticed the difference. Apache is an older mustang with an abusive past. I do not ride him. He can be stand-offish. One day Apache and I were standing in the pasture in pouring rain. He wasn't too interested in the cheek press but instead just gave his head into my hands and made steady eye contact. This connection was so surprising and heartfelt that I didn't know what to do except to tell him that I loved him to the moon and back.


  • Thank you to Peggy, and Cat for organizing, a fantastic clinic in Somerset. It has been an 

    Sameena Rankin

    & I felt a connection with my horse that I have never felt before...we are both still smiling! Looking forward to our new beginning and next year's clinic already :) Thank you!

  • Through Dutch, I read several of Peggy's articles in the old "Trail Blazer." I made the changes from the trail riding on a gaited horse article. Amazing! No pain, no soreness, no fatigue, the horse was able to gait beautifully. Wow. I am a writer. Have a series in "Horse Nation" called "Saving Theo" the rescued/rehabbing big lick TN Walking Horse. I live in TN Fab! Thank you

  • What an amazing 3 days with Peggy Cummings and everyone in the group, Heidi and myself have changed our riding so much in such a short space of time, best clinic you will ever go on, a completely different way to ride and its a clinic everyone should go on... Thank you to everyone

  • I've ridden for many years, own four horses and have been to many clinics. This is the first time I've been able to feel the sensation of easily lifting my horse, extending her stride and feeling where her feet were falling. The first day!!! I'm so impressed with Peggy and her teaching, I can't wait to ride all my horses!!! Thank you so much!!! I'll be back!!

  • Dear Peggy and Susan, Thank you so MUCH for inviting me to attend your recent Workshop! I felt so incredibly lucky to be there with such wonderful, dynamic people and instructors! What a great day!During the seminar, I was especially struck by the realization that fewer and fewer people that ride horses, also take care of them day-to-day. As each presenter pointed out in different ways, it is up to those of us that live with, and care for horses, to represent them and their needs as accurately as possible. Horses are being relegated to conveniently fit into humans increasingly busy, fast paced lifestyles. The results can be horses stuck in very unnatural, unhappy situations without any voice at all. The biggest frustration in this is that even well-meaning people can ignorantly treat a horse(s) terribly without even knowing it. I felt like your seminar really opened the door to teachers and instructors to contemplate their/our roles in advocating for horses far beyond the bounds of "riding lessons." Thank you for that.I also really enjoyed the format with indoor presentations followed by a riding demo. All the information that we received in the morning related directly to watching the horse and rider put the information altogether. And the 'before' and 'after' was extraordinary! While the changes seemed so minor as they were embraced... Suddenly, it seemed, the rider went from rocking in a typical businesslike request to "move on!" -- To floating forward quietly, while the horse stretched and pushed off with energy, from her hocks! What a difference!! It was very interesting and inspiring!Beyond the inspiration, as a teacher, my only question would be - is there something specific that I could take back to my students to facilitate embracing this positive motion? I was very inspired - and I'm working on my own "stuff" - but I'm not sure that I feel capable of passing on this information beyond advising anyone to be sure and "take a clinic with Peggy!!" But perhaps that was the point? Sorry if I'm making a "duh!" point.One other thing that I'd like to mention specifically was Julie's incredibly thoughtful gesture of laminating her exercises. It's a small thing - but by laminating them, the message was clearly that these exercises are for sharing!! She clearly expected that they might be posted in a barn and actually DONE in a barn. I thought that was really a cool "can do" kind of message!Thank you, again, for including me in this wonderful day!! Your organization and your practitioners are all so special!! They bring unique and inspired messages to every style of horseman and rider. But most of all, there is such a sense of inclusion and support for everyone and every horse! I especially liked that. No person was too inexperienced, too young, too old, or not 'showy' enough. And every horse was valued. I loved that the horse that you chose for the clinic was a "typical" horse as opposed to a dreamy "show horse" that is hard for most people to relate to. And she did an awesome job of showing that she had so much to show and offer! So, above all -- my favorite thing about your seminar is that the passion and love that you and your practitioners express so abundantly makes everyone feel so incredibly welcome and included. Humans and horses, alike. Thank you most of all, for that! Thank you & Love, Missy

  • I wanted to tell you about something that happened today.
    I was with Frenzi (my old Haflinger mare) in the school for disabled children, like we do twice a week. She hasn’t got a very hard job to do there, basically just walking with kids on her back for 90min. So it’s very much a routine job for us. Today however there was a wedding in town and lots of cars were driving by honking their horns. At first she just got a little irritated, but when they didn’t stop, she got really scared and would not walk anymore. She went sideways and tried to trot in place, so we broke off to not endanger the kids and I walked her home. (Normally I ride her there and back, which is about half an hour one way) She pranced through traffic with her head held high and all muscles in her neck just like solid rock. (and she has a lot of neck)
    Frenzi is very very rarely scared of anything, but when she is, she is difficult to bring back. So for the whole way home I did Connect Groundwork with her. Lots of heartgirth and shoulder delineation and V and she was shaking her head and being like rock in my hand. And about half way home she took the first real breath and I continued to walk with her and work on her head and neck and shoulders and tried to get her weight shifted back and by the time we were home she wasn’t perfectly relaxed, but she licked and chewed and had her head and neck in a better position. 500kg and cold-blood Haflinger, who raises her head and goes cement is a scary thing, so I was happy I had your tools to bring her back. I’m sure she will be sore tomorrow, poor thing, so I’ll do some more bodywork with her tomorrow. And maybe I introduce her to my car’s signal-horn at some point. :)
    Lots of love from Christina and Frenzi

  • Connecting with My Mule All my Connected Groundwork and Riding lessons came together for me today out in the open field with my mule Royce. Royce is a 15 year old gaited mule I’ve owned for almost 2 years. He is a well-trained mule and has a lovely gait. Royce, however, lacks confidence and exhibits anxiousness when ridden alone. I took Royce for a short ride away from the barn this morning out my long driveway and into the front fields, just at a walk all alone. At first he was calm and willing, but the further we got from the barn the higher his head went and the hollower his back became. By the time we reached the road and turned to come home, his pace quickened emphatically. I didn’t panic nor did I feel afraid. I had a tool box of knowledge in my brain to work with Royce’s anxiousness and “hurry home” attitude. I acquired these skills through the dedicated patience, persistence, and hard work of my Connected Groundwork practitioner-in-training Devan Economides and my trainer Joe London. Because these two people have graciously shared their equine knowledge with me, it has changed the way I ride and work with my mules. Devan and Joe each has bolstered my own confidence so that I in turn can do the same for my mules. Let me describe what made today’s ride so memorable. As Royce picked up his pace heading home, I asked him to stop with just my seat. I breathed. I rotated. I focused on a neutral posture. I kept my legs soft. I let the tension out of my back. I bent my elbows. I remembered that I had to practice these skills consistently and continuously. Then I asked Royce to walk on. He was still too fast. I asked for a stop. Breathe. Walk on. Royce was still too fast with his head too high. The hollowness in his back made me imagine I was sitting on a swayback. I asked Royce to back three steps. Then walk on. He was still too anxious. We stopped. I asked for a side pass left and then walk on. I asked for a side pass right. We repeated the walk, the stop, the back, side pass left and side pass right several times. I gave the cue to walk on. Royce was still too fast. Ahem! Then another tool from my tool kit popped into my head. Circles! I bent my inside elbow, lifting the inside rein to ask for a circle. I asked my mule to bend around my inside leg. We did lots of circles at the walk out in the open fields. Circle to the left. Circle to the right. We spiraled in. We spiraled out and back again. Finally, Royce’s head telescoped out and lowered at the same time his back came up under me. I could feel Royce’s body change as it happened. The last half mile ride home was stupendous. It was as though I was riding a different mule! It is so exciting for me to recognize these changes in my mule. Not only am I happy with the change in Royce, I am also thrilled that I am the one with the knowledge to bring about these changes in him. I have nothing but praises and high honors for my dedicated teachers, Devan Economides and Joe London, for all they have done to help me Connect with my mule. By Toni Sheads November 9, 2015

  • Hello. I wanted to shoot Peggy an email. I rode with you all at the Maryland Expo, the things I learned that weekend have changed me for the better dramatically as a rider… I also rode with Peggy in Virginia this Spring.
    I just came in from a wonderful ride on my gelding Ranger and had to write to you! I am on cloud 9 with the way he has been responding to my new riding skills. Peggy got me to discover a way to release my back while riding. I had been struggling to achieve a soft and relaxed back and with the ideas Peggy shared with me I am now able to do this every ride! The response from my horse is just amazing...
    I first heard about Connected Riding through Diane Sept. I can honestly say Diane has improved my riding more than any trainer I had ever worked with before.
    Now getting to work with Peggy. I feel like I am on the path I have been searching for…So thank you, thank you for sharing your knowledge with us all!!!

    July 2015

  • He's 15 and his name is Bentley. He's a largish bay TB cross, and he's been with me since he was 5. Even at the beginning of our time together, Bentley was a bit skittish, clumsy, disliked grooming or bumping into things, and he carried his tail to the left. We've all known horses that were rideable while still being a little bit off, so everything seemed normal and we did a lot of riding together. Then a local barn introduced Bentley and I to a new program (to us) focused on the biomechanics of riding and how the posture and bracing of horse and rider can create profound unsoundness. I started working closely with Connected Riding Senior Instructors Diane Sept and Jillian Kreinbring and began to see my horse with new eyes. As I worked with them on my posture, I was able to see the changes in Bentley's. Over time, I also found opportunities to work with Peggy Cummings, and started to see deeper into these concepts. At the beginning of this journey, the vet had examined Bentley and did not find real unsoundness. I know now that had I not started on the Connected Riding journey, today Bentley would likely not be rideable without being in pain. A bonus for me: my own riding is now more secure. I had ridden QHs my whole life before Bentley, and they took care that I stayed on. Bentley has no such interest, and when he would spook, I would tumble off. Now, although he rarely spooks, when he does it's very dramatic because it takes something big. And I am able to just ride it because I stay in neutral posture and, without bracing, my body just follows his. We can then pick up where we left off, safely and without further drama. Also now he has developed muscling everywhere, his back is in good shape, and he carries his tail straight - which means his spine is straighter as he moves. He's less spooky, more tolerant of grooming, and overall a happier partner ready to go to work. I am very grateful to these master instructors - Peggy, Diane, and Jillian - for helping me find my way to healthier riding that benefits both Bentley and me. Thanks to you all!

  • Peggy, I attended your clinic over Memorial Day weekend in Virginia. I wanted to thank you for all the wonderful information. I practice neutral posture and breathing everyday (throughout the day, ie at work, etc), it has really helped with sciatic pain and has been crucial in recovery from a recent fall + kick-in-the-back on a new green horse (greener than I realized, LOL!). I am slowly, but persistantly making my way through the connected groundwork exercises in your book and wanted to leave some feedback. First, I think the book is exeptionallly well-written, very logical step-by-step, well laid out and organized, plus the pictures of each exercise really help (I am a visual learner). I can really tell that you put an extraordinary amount of time and thought in writing this guide and it shows! I am amazed at the adrenalize release/relaxation that comes after such seemingly simple exercies -- my new green (and tense, braced neck arabian) yawned 12 times after just 'catepillar' and shoulder delineation! Thank you-- and I hope to attend one of your clinics again or connect with my local instructors this fall.

    July 2015

  • Well, where do I start? Just wanted to say thank you Cat Wilton from the bottom of my heart for such a wonderful four days with you and the gang. You created such a great atmosphere which really was supportive and encouraging the learning process. And thank you for the help and support you gave to Mr B and myself.
    I feel so very excited to finally have found a system that I can use - ie bodywork, groundwork and up in the saddle. I gave Mr B (and myself) a day off yesterday but I shall go up to the yard this afternoon and start 'playing with it' as Peggy suggests.

  • It was wonderful to meet Peggy and it was an honor to being able to spend
    three days with her working with horses. What better way is there to
    spend your time?!? I don¹t know any.
    I had an amazing weekend with my horses. I so enjoyed having the focused
    time with them but also getting a glimpse of what their potential truly
    is. And then watching all the other horses and their humans.
    There was a lot to observe, to feel, to try, to improve and refine, to
    experiment with and get deeper into. I think the most impressive to me
    was the change I have witnessed over these three days not only in my
    horses but in every horse that participated.
    The comfort you could see with every horse as they learned how to use
    their body more effectively, to shift weight and to free up muscles that
    used to be tense and tight, in some cases for years.
    If there are two main things that really got stuck in my mind that is to
    focus 75% on myself and 25% on my horse, and you telling me after my ride with Tosca on Sunday that my horse looked happy. That is the biggest
    compliment one can get. I want to be the best I can be for my horses and
    you certainly helped me big time to get a little closer to that goal.
    Thank you so much!
    Canada Clinic
    September 2014

  • Alara and I are doing fabulous with our new riding skills! So many new pieces to the puzzle! I do believe I have told you this before but if not, you as a trainer have changed my riding for the better more than any single person ever has. I can now also say that about Peggy… I so want to be a part of Connected riding, I keep coming back to connected riding, I always get such wonderful tools and ways to improve and become more connected

    Linda Lee Bower, PA
    January 2015

  • Pieces of the puzzle keep presenting themselves just when I need them to improve my horsemanship. Asymmetries in the horse can be obvious at times, and very subtle at others. Yesterday Peggy showed us the power of Connected ground exercises to bring about changes in the horse's body's. I was very inspired and anxious to get to my horses to see what I could see (and fix). It was a great day. Thanks to all!
    June 2015

  • Spent a few hours yesterday with Peggy Cummings, Judy Good, Carolyn Libby, and Rhonda Hockett at Carolyn's farm. We worked with a mare with some soundness and movement issues and a two year old filly. Both horses presented us with lots of opportunities to learn.

    We had many opportunities for questions and time to discuss. One take away was a better feel for recognizing some body issues and ways we can correct them form the body workers perspective, and most importantly how powerful Peggy's groundwork exercises are and how they alone can make a huge difference. We must continue to think of ways to diplomatically encourage our students to consistently utilize the ground work to improve their horses.

    I also noticed how important it is that the horses can move in a way that the sequence in the footfalls is correct before we ask for more push from behind.

    Great day of sharing and wonderful comraderie. Looking forward to our next play date in 3 weeks.

    June 2015

  • I was so excited this week as I had a horse that was 7 tenths lame. No pulse or foot pain and I knew he had spread his front legs when he slipped in the stable. Bute no effect. So did shoulder Delineation and a few ttouches on his neck but mainly worked the shoulder. He came out first day fairly sound a walk. I have repeated it over the past few days no bute or painkillers at all not even herbal ones and today he is totally sound and I have found it awesome. Just wanted to share.

  • Never having done groundwork it was truly amazing to see the results a few soft hand placements on the horse's head could bring. Even more amazing was that I could execute direction with minimal effort after being shown these techniques! Many thanks for a very valuable and fun weekend!

  • Thanks Peggy for the fantastic clinic with all the pearls of wisdom you installed in us in NZ. Today I went for a 3 hr forest and beach ride and used all my new skills that I learnt over the last 5 days. Lots and lots of rotation, soft knee's, straight wrists, soft back, I let my arches down, open knees, wiggle one leg for 3 to 5 strides, then the other, toes to the back of the foot, but best of all was the hands together, pushing the air up/forward and over combined with rotation........,what a surprise, my horse softened, unlocked his right side more than he ever has especially when anxious, plus was responsive and light to ride.........I can hear you Peggy, saying with your lovely smile, REALLY?! lol So thank you very much, plus I am sure Tai thanks you too!

  • Peggy is doing much needed work. There
    is a lot of garbage out there dressed up as how to work with a horse. I deal
    with it a lot in my communication work. Horses so confused and people who
    want to do the right thing, they are just getting bad instruction.

    We are too quick to criticize and not as good at the letting people know they
    made a difference in our life. I want Peggy to know she made a difference in
    my life.

  • Somerset rocked the Connected Riding Clinic. It was awesome!! Peggy as always has an innate ability to draw out of people exactly what is needed in the moment which makes them and the horse feel amazing. She really is a maestro. All horses and riders left with a smile and a more balanced body. Ever grateful and inspired xx

  • Audited Peggy's clinic at Larry Whitesell's this weekend. So exciting to see horses change and connect when riders were shown how to find neutral. Also learned exercises on the ground and in the saddle to help horse use his body correctly. Simply life changing information.

    May 2015

  • Spectacular ride tonight - you know how when you hear a new word and someone uses it in a sentence you 'get it'.... Riding with Peggy Cummings and Natural Solutions by Anke and Connected Riding® I learned how to stay out of the frozen fetal position that has been my go to whenever I get scared riding. I hold my breath, I freeze and hope to heck that whatever is happening gets over with fast and I live through it. Anything scary - I freeze - those if you who have ridden with me over the years know this and have tried time and time again to get my over it... Last weekend I learned a different way to sit in the saddle, I learned to march my thighs in tiny steps with my horse, I learned to hug with my lower leg and to quicken the marching with the speed of my horse and to quicken my lower leg to keep my horse moving through something. Hard to explain. Rode in the woods tonight - even cantered - through the woods... had to get past a pissed off momma goose.... deal with Preston bursting in and out of the bushes and the river.... and then we cantered across a freshly plowed and disced field that was smooth as butter.... I felt so successful after that ride! It was amazing.

  • I just wanted to write and say thank you for all your wonderful work with horses and their humans and, in particular, to thank you for some of the things you have shown to me: Neutral pelvis, never cross your legs! Wiggle wiggle (lifting the heel- which I practice whilst washing up) drawing the bow, the beetroot cabbage recipe (which I think should go on your newsletter 😋) and your great book Connecting... from the Ground.

  • Dear Peggy,
    Thank you again for making it possible that I could participate😊! It was so important for me...

    This first course helped me a lot to assess my own performance. I had no idea where I stand due to the very long pause (16 years) of not riding, always being a "Freizeitreiter" 😉 and now having a very difficult horse at home. It gives you sometimes the feeling that you are not good enough to help your horse.
    With my mare I started riding this summer after one year of rehabilitation- six months working with Petra from the ground.
    I can ride "only" walk for the moment. She is still very traumatized. I can hardly touch her with my legs without risking her to run. She is extremely sensitive and needs balance in order to calm her. She learns now that the only thing I want is her to be relaxed and nothing more. As a former "broken" jumping horse she is always on the run- her old pattern of fear, tension and pressure... In the beginning it felt like sitting on a volcano 😁
    Now I can start to ride on my own, can avoid turning tense when she is and when she relaxes I can start using my legs. Wonderful ... Nevertheless, I will order a safety vest😆

    I had a deep and trustful mutual connection from the first moment with California and now we enhance it during riding. She tolerates me on her back and I try to help her finding balance and calm. So I am confident that we can find it faster and faster.

    And to be able to do that, you helped me a lot! I can find now the neutral much easier: when I stand, walk, sit, ride. And this security helps me a lot and I can transfer it to my mare.
    My stirrups are shorter now and the position of my leg (surrounding the belly) is much clearer for me now as well as the position of my elbows and hands. Great!!!! I am much more stable and have the feeling to have now a lot of tools.
    I tried out new groundwork exercises and amended "old" ones with a great effect. But I could also see and feel that I have already done a lot of work. That felt good as well.
    Aaaand, I liked to be a bull in the china shop when riding Piraz. It was great to have a horse that tolerates the leg so I could experiment a little bit😉 And to feel that I am able to ride and to really understand that it is not easy with my horse. The extent of the way we still have to go is much clearer for me now.
    But I do it as I have done it in the past: no rush, trying not to step over the limits, doing constantly one step after another- connected in mutual trust.

    You know Shakira Petra's little white mare? I love to ride her and will try to do it on a regular basis in the future. There I felt this dancing first, riding only through thinking and feeling. It gave me goose bumps all over the body. I think my mare will be the same sometime in the future.
    This feeling was so wonderful: I want to have more of it and I would like to ride as much horses as possible to try it out!

    Thank you Peggy for giving us all your knowledge! The horses were so grateful. I was deeply impressed seeing the effects on them.
    I will do my very best to improve and to be able to teach others in the future.
    Sorry for the long message!
    I send you a hug and hope that you have a wonderful time.

  • Hi Peggy and everyone else. I am not sure if this ok to post here, delete if not ok but I just wanted to share my riding experience after a connected riding clinic. I went to my 2nd connected riding clinic in Feb in NZ with Peggy. I haven't had lessons in the past, I don't compete, I want to stay safe and enjoy my horse. I am a happy hacker, love riding out beach forrest and at home. I went to the clinic with the goal to learn how to "unlock" my 10yr SB who when uptight, braces and becomes very stiff and has as much bend as a plank of wood!, especially on his Right rein. ).....anyway. At the clinic I learnt so many new tool's to combat this challenge, froggy legs, wiggle, rotation, rotation, rotation, minuscule muscle movements in calves, legs, soft back, more rotation, softer back, etc etc etc. Anyway, after the clinic, the next day I went riding at the forest and out onto the west coast beach. Yes, he went stiff and plank-like at times, but I used my new tools, and I ended up with a soft, responsive listening horse :) I was so happy that I could unlock him everytime he braced. Things have got even better. Yesterday I rode at the forest where the dragons live. We were not aware what the dragon was until 20 mins into the ride. We had no idea why my horse and dog were being so difficult. He was at times reluctant to go forward (my Jack Russell was hiding with his tail between his legs and kept running to the back of the group) Turns out, he gun club was having a shooting day at the rifle range that backs on to the forest. Long story short, my horse thought he was going to die, however, he NEVER braced and become stiff at all! My horse remained soft and responsive, he was exceptionally anxious, he was trembling, quivering, sweating and snorting, but no bracing!!!! He lead out, on a soft rein, listening to me the whole time, he was a star. I made sure I had a soft back, rotation, movement in my hips, softer back, minuscule movement in my legs, more rotation, toe to the heal, wiggle, arch of my foot to the ground, still soft back and rotation etc etc. THANK-YOU Peggy, I had a great day on my lovely Tai. My brain was tired as I concentrated on hearing your voice.....but I was so thrilled with the result, we had a great ride when we got away form the gun club ......just I had to share. :) THANKS

  • I attended a 3 day Connected Riding clinic this past weekend with my 3 geldings ranging from age 25 to 7. I was stuck in a different place with each of them and was looking for help to move forward in their training.

    All the horses that attended the clinic became calmer as we learned to help them release the tension in their bodies. I was thrilled to learn the tools to help my horses to a better posture. My 25 year old quarter horse who had been a heeler in his previous life learned how to bend. My 13 year old quarter horse who could not stop without raising his head in the air like a giraffe can now stop softly with a beautiful head carriage. My 7 year old Rocky Mountain horse gained confidence from learning to stand balanced on all four legs.

    Peggy’s teaching is filled with positive energy and good dollop of humor, it is a pleasure to be taught and watch as she works with others. I feel so fortunate to have been able to attend and am looking forward to the next clinic .


  • There are so many things I appreciate about Peggy's clinics. The unique tools & techniques & perspectives she offers are priceless. Since my very first Connected Riding experience I remain deeply impressed by the respectful & supportive learning environment she provides--for horse & human alike. Peggy is a rare & authentic teacher, giving students whatever each of us needs in order to grasp the quite literally life changing information she has to share. I thank you, Peggy!

  • Hello, I am just writing to say a huge "thank you" for coming to the Marylnd Horse Expo this past January. The lecture and demos on Saturday have unlocked a great treasure-box of tools for me! Many of the concepts that you presented were things that I "almost" I feel empowered by a markedly improved understanding. The biggest change in my awareness has been in breathing into my back and belly, and the change in my horse is amazing! Also, you were so kind to spend a great deal of time with my friend Carmen.
    Elena Cook

  • A huge thank you to Peggy for sharing her knowledge and expertise at a recent clinic held at Wern Farm Livery, Wales in September. I have ridden competitive dressage horses for several decades. Why didn't I find Peggy Cummings sooner, what a revelation she is! Learning that such subtle differences in my 'outline' can make a massive and positive change in the horses outline. WOW!

  • Hi Peggy and Susan. Just wanted to let you know that Ichobod, the horse who led me to your work, was put down this week just weeks short of his 34th birthday. With your help he did such a good job of teaching me to use my body to help him instead of getting in his way. And he had a successful second career as a school horse helping me teach the same to many, many riders. I miss him terribly after him being in my life for so long, but he really did open up a whole new way of being with horses and a career for me and I'm so grateful to him for that. I know he wouldn't have lasted that long without your work changing my riding, so just wanted to send a note of gratitude to you and your work for helping to make his life longer and so much happier.

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