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Connected Riding: An Introduction UK

Connected Riding: An Introduction can be your first step to dancing with your horse. Based on biomechanics of...  see details
Connect with Your horse from the Saddle UK

Are you ready to reach a new riding level? Peggy Cummings' book sums up all the basic concepts and...  see details
Connect with Your Horse from the Ground Up UK

Now, in this long-awaited book, Peggy Cummings describes the essentials of her specialized groundwork–the first half of her acclaimed...  see details
Peggy's Connected Groundwork Halter UK

Peggy Cummings designed this halter to make Connected Groundwork easier, more effective, and more comfortable for...  see details
Cavesson Halter UK

This is a perfect cavesson for horses and handlers who are ready to add this tool after...  see details
Peggy's Groundwork Lines UK

Two 21' 3/8" nylon lines, essential for Connected Groundwork or lungeing; What is unique about...  see details