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Connect with Your horse from the Saddle

Are you ready to reach a new riding level? Peggy Cummings' book sums up all the basic concepts and...  see details
Connect with Your Horse from the Ground Up

Now, in this long-awaited book, Peggy Cummings describes the essentials of her specialized groundwork–the first half of her acclaimed...  see details
Connected Riding:    An Introduction

Connected Riding: An Introduction can be your first step to dancing with your horse. Based on biomechanics of...  see details
Peggy's Book Bundle

Set of three books: Connected Riding: An Introduction, Connect with Your Horse from the Ground Up and Connect with...  see details
The Ultimate Horse Behavior & Training Book

Linda Tellington-Jones - "For the first time in my many decades of working with horses, as well...  see details
How Your Saddle Fits Your Horse DVD

Produced by Dave Genadek, About the Horse Saddlemakers. This video explains saddle fit in clear detail and shows you...  see details