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**Cavesson Hatlers are back ordered until February 15th**

Gift Certificates

Gift Certificate
Connected Riding Starter Kit

Kit includes: Connected Riding: An Introduction, Connect with Your Horse from the Ground Up and Connect with Your...  see details
Peggy's Clinic Kit

Kit includes: Connected Riding: An Introduction; Connect with Your Horse from the Ground Up and Connect with Your...  see details
Connected Riding Groundwork Kit

Get started on Connected Groundwork exercises with your horse: the Connected Groundwork halter, pair of driving lines, and a...  see details
Peggy's Book Bundle

Set of three books: Connected Riding: An Introduction, Connect with Your Horse from the Ground Up and Connect with...  see details
Horse Equipment
Peggy's Connected Groundwork Halter

Peggy's Connected Groundwork Halter comes with nose piece shown.  Peggy Cummings designed this halter to make...  see details
Cavesson Halter

This is a perfect cavesson for horses and handlers who are ready to add this tool after initial work...  see details
Peggy's Groundwork Lines

Two 21' 3/8" nylon lines, essential for Connected Groundwork or lungeing; What is unique about...  see details
T.T.E.A.M.™ Wands

These sturdy wands (imported from Germany) are stiff and well-balanced with a plastic button end. An essential tool...  see details
Colored Nose and Crown Fleece Set

In stock now! - a variety of nose & crown fleece set colors for your Connected Groundwork Halters. Keep...  see details
Connected Riding Surcingle

For Connected Groundwork and lungeing, made from nylon with a fleece backing, with double-ended snaps and several rings for...  see details
Breast Collar for the Surcingle

This breast collar is specifically designed to support the surcingle when doing Connected Groundwork. If your horse is larger...  see details
Zephyr Lead

An alternative to a lead rope with a chain, this is especially useful for sensitive horses and foals. It...  see details
Chain Lead

Peggy highly recommends this lead: “I find using the chain lead, woven over the nose band...  see details
Special Order Halter Pieces

Replacement chin straps of various lengths are available to you; when a horse has a very wide face, they...  see details
Leather Poll Piece

Replacement leather poll piece. This can be used with either the Medium or Large Connected Groundwork Halter.  see details
Caps with our logo to put your noggin in

The Connected Riding cap features the Connected Riding logo on the front and "Oh Really" on the...  see details
Polo Shirt

Comfortable soft classic polo shirt with flat knit collar and 3 button placket. It weighs 5 ounces, with a...  see details
Connect with Your horse from the Saddle

Are you ready to reach a new riding level? Peggy Cummings' book sums up all the basic concepts and...  see details
Connect with Your Horse from the Ground Up

Now, in this long-awaited book, Peggy Cummings describes the essentials of her specialized groundwork–the first half of her acclaimed...  see details